Monday, October 15, 2012

Simple Ways to Prevent Halitosis

Incase you do not know what Halitosis is, it is a chronic disease of bad breath. The degrees of severity depend on each different case. Sometimes you are on the verge of getting it, or already have a semi-small case of it. If you keep good and practical dental hygiene you will most likely not suffer or develop Halitosis. Basically the disease will spread by the means of left over debris of food in your mouth.
As we all know that if we do not brush our teeth for quite a while, our breath will start to smell very badly, as well as leave a rather disgusting after taste in it. It usually happens when you do not brush your teeth as much as recommended on a regular basis.
There are different recommendations for a good dental hygiene, but the most typical one, as I am sure that we all know by now, is brushing your teeth 3 times a day after every meal that you consume. Not only is it good dental hygiene brushing your teeth, but is also flossing and possible even using mouthwash, this will get the left over debris that cause Halitosis.
If you are honestly too lazy to floss your teeth (let us hope that you are not), you may want to get a toothbrush that has floss bristles (brands such as Reach or some brand like that have many toothbrushes with those qualities). Just make sure that you brush your teeth, even if it is only twice a day.